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About Us

Digital Marketing & Events for Women Entrepreneurs and VC's

Welcome to Baddies Mean Business, LLC, your go-to destination for dynamic digital marketing solutions tailored to the ambitious women. As a female-owned agency, we specialize in empowering entrepreneurs through a holistic approach to digital branding and strategy.

At Baddies Mean Business, LLC, we understand the ...

Authenticity, Value, and Joy: Empowering Women's Perspectives

We are committed to championing authenticity, value-driven content, and joy from the ambitious viewpoint of women. Our mission is to redefine digital media by amplifying the voices and experiences of women entrepreneurs, ensuring their stories resonate authentically with audiences worldwide.

With every piece of ...

Baddies Mean Business Podcast: Amplifying Ambitious Female Voices

Step into the world of inspiring entrepreneurship with the Baddies Mean Business Podcast. Our podcast is a platform dedicated to sharing the captivating stories of entrepreneurs as they passionately pursue their dreams.

At Baddies Mean Business, LLC, our mission is to showcase the journeys of ambitious female ...