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Go Aunt Flow - Access to Period Products Nation Wide

86% of women reportedly started their period in public without the supplies they needed.
Providing Aunt Flow period products recuperates lost work hours, increases school attendance, and is just the freakin’ right thing to do.
Claire Coder (Forbes 30 Under 30) is a 25-year-old Thiel Fellow and founder and CEO of Aunt Flow. Coder launched her first company at age 16, designed a bag for Vera Bradley that sold out in 24 hours, and has her own line of GIFs. After getting her period in public without the supplies she needed, at 18-years-old, Claire dedicated her life to developing a solution to ensure businesses and schools can sustainably provide quality period products for free in public bathrooms.

Since 2016, Aunt Flow has worked with hundreds of businesses and schools across North America, including organizations like Google, Princeton University, Netflix, the Phoenix Mercury and more, to offer freely accessible period product dispensers, filled with organic cotton tampons and pads.

Since 2021, we’ve donated MILLIONS of period products to menstruators in need. We call this people helping people. PERIOD. ® Read more about our impact program HERE!

As a passionate activist, Claire believes that education on periods and normalizing periods is crucial. She strives to educate everyone on periods and the importance of having products readily available for when people get their period unexpectedly. To be inclusive to all menstruators, regardless of gender, Aunt Flow refers to “feminine hygiene products” as “period products.”

Claire’s ultimate goal in life is for any menstruator to walk into any bathroom and never need to worry if they start their period, because Aunt Flow period products are freely available!

Claire’s story has been featured in TeenVogue, Forbes, and she starred in TLC’s Girl Starter Season 1. When she is not jamming out to Macklemore, she is teaching Zumba classes. Claire speaks regularly surrounding her advocacy work, starting a social enterprise and journey as a female founder.
Learn more about Go Aunt Flow here.

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